To international guests traveling to Japan

Welcome to Japan! Welcome to Nagoya!
Nagoya is the third largest economic region in Japan, but it is more quiet and relaxing than other urban areas.
Here are some recommended sightseeing spots in Nagoya:
When people think of famous places in Nagoya, Nagoya Castle is the first place that comes to mind.
Gohei-mochi, a kind of rice cake sold around the castle site is a delicacy of Nagoya. You should try it!
The Tokugawa Art Museum exhibits the treasures of the Tokugawa Family, which ruled the whole country during the Edo period. The painting of Ieyasu Tokugawa and its background story is particularly fascinating. It is a must see!
Many of Japan’s important manufacturing industries are based in Nagoya. Historically, Nagoya has been an industrial hub for the region. You can learn about Nagoya’s industrial history at the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology and visit the beautiful Noritake Garden situated nearby.
The moment you enter the Nagoya Port Aquarium you will be surrounded by a beautiful world of blue. The dolphin tank is one of the many highlights of this aquarium by the sea.
For those who like to relax with a hot drink, Nagoya is home to a unique cafe culture and boasts a variety of cafes both big and small.
Actually, I own a coffee shop so please visit us when you want to have a good espresso in Japan.
Language is one of the biggest issues you will encounter during your stay in Japan.
Unfortunately, even Japanese municipal offices and places that handle tourists have trouble communicating in English. However, many Japanese people are very kind and will help you even if they are not great English speakers.
Although not all of our staff members speak English, we look forward to meeting and serving you.
Let us hear your story about your trip when you visit us.
Enjoy Japan!
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